cured bacon

local name “chon” Our “chon” - pigs, are traditionaly farmed, free-range and able to graze and root in in fields and forests. The choricero peppers that we elaborate ourselves, offer elegant, and finely balanced partner ingredient to the “chon”.
After careful preparation of the meat, we apply a smooth massage in the the fatty parts of the bacon, so that it obtains the full flavors of the garlic and the choricero peppers. Then a long smooth process of smoking with local oak tree, followed by slow maturing.
Traditional patience and experience, until the optimum point, so that, fried or crude, the flavors and fragrances be unmistakable and unforgettably Lombera de Carranza.

The tastiest sandwich, the most succulent stew or the most fond of sweets fried eggs, always with “The Majesty Bacon.”

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