cured beef

local name “brena” Time passed very slowly for our ancestoral shepherdeds grazing their cows on“brena” the juicy herbs that grows on our mountain countryside.Through ingenuity and need, this ancient recipe of conservation of the meat, helped last families through the hard winter. Today, used for appreciation of authentic delicacies, that are simple. And of course its genuine taste. Hopefully, when you savour “brena” you can imagine lying in the grass covered forests of Carranzana, watching the hovering flight of the eagle through the branches, and hear the bells of the Monchino.

A handmade process. The noble parts of the meat is selected and degreased, and after a long process of maturing, ready to eat. We seek only the unique taste of the beef of the highest quality, no smoking or marinades.

Fine freshly cut slices, accompanied with some drops of virgin olive oil.

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