smoked trotters in vizcaína sauce

local name “ambuezo” This dish has a history, a tradition taken from the root and customs of the traditional slaughter of the pig. The trotters were conserved, in salt or smoked cured, (the process we continue at Lombera of Carranza) and was for Carnivals, just after the Lent, in which there was no consumtion of meat. The Trotters where then desalinated and they were stewed with the choricero peppers, that had been collected last summer and dryed on the balconys throughout the village. The Carnivals celebrated the good-bye to the greed and a wecoming to the to rebirth of Spring.

This exquisite traditional dish of cured trotters in Vizcaína sauce, give you an unique opportunity to a taste and sensation, that will transport you to the heat of the Basque kitchen, in the days of winter.

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